Benziger Hospital

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To perpetuate the memory of his illustrious predecessor Bishop Aloysius Maria Benziger, Bishop Jerome Fernandez , the first Indian Bishop of the catholic diocese of Kollam, had the idea of erecting a befitting memorial. With the concurrence of the faithful of the diocese a decision was made to build a hospital. Bishop Benziger Hospital was thus established in a four-acre plot situated in the heart of Kollam town. The hospital started functioning on 17th August 1948, the anniversary of the death of Bishop Benziger. It was the first ever private hospital in Kollam town. The formal inauguration took place on 8th December, 1948.The Hospital is owned and managed by the Latin Catholic Diocese Of Quilon. Being a charitable society, this is not a profit oriented institution. Whatever profit that is generated is always ploughed back into the institution for the benefit of the public. Hence the institution's growth is to the benefit of the public which it aspires to serve and love with utmost sincerity.

When established in the year 1948, Bishop Benziger hospital was the very first private hospital in Quilon with inpatient facilities. After 65 years, today it is the biggest hospital in Kollam having all the major departments, modern equipments, excellent facilities, eminent doctors and efficient paramedical staff.

The late Bishop of Quilon, Most. Rt. Jerome Fernandez established this hospital in memory of his illustrious predecessor, Archbishop Aloysius Benziger as a visible expression of the Church’s mission to heal the sick in this world. The hospital is committed to remain true to its original inspiration while attempting to tune to the contemporary needs and situations. Bishop Benziger hospital and other institutions under it have always maintained a universal view in all its activities, catering to the needs of the neediest, irrespective of caste or creed after the vision of its founder. The belief that healing is for the whole person who also has a spiritual dimension is uncompromisingly maintained and underlines the approach and treatment.

Health care today is undergoing fast-paced changes in terms of technology, methodologies, perspectives, attitudes and values.  Surviving and excelling amidst such a surge of changes call for the need for wisdom and conviction to be different. Constant vigilance is exercised not to fall in the pit of commercialization and at the same time, to excel in service aided by the advancement of modern medical science and technology.

As part of its attempt to rediscover its identity and mission amidst the present day realities, the hospital finds new avenues of involvement apart from the routine hospital activities. Initiatives like community health centres and community radio are examples for this. 

Community centred health promotional activities form an integral component of our mission. Hence from the very inception of this hospital we have been involving ourselves in many community based activities. But the community health centres which we have started are the most tangible expression of our commitment to society. Catering to the primary health needs of a population of more than 25000 people of the coastal villages in the vicinity of the hospital, our nursing students and staff are engaged in an activity of social purpose.Although it was only a happy coincidence, our decision to start a community radiocame in perfect combination with community health activities. Bishop Benziger hospital will always remain committed to the ideals of a mission hospital.


Safe and effective Anaesthesia for all speciality& Super speciality in all age groups
Post Operative Intensive Care Services
Resuscitation Services

Dept of Cardiology

Tread Mill Test
Holter monitoring

Interventional Cardiology

Cardiac Cath Lab
Coronory Angiography
Peripheral Angiography
Cerebral Angiography
Renal Angiography
Coronory Angioplasty with stenting
Temporary Pacemaker
Permenant Pacemaker Implantation
ICD Implantation

Blood Bank: (Round the clock support)   Screening, collection of blood.

General Medicine &Diabetology

Diabetic Clinic with Vascular Doppler & Podiatric
Scan Facility

General Medicine &Diabetology

Diabetic Clinic with Vascular Doppler & Podiatric
Scan Facility


- Warmer& Phototherapy Units
- Ventilators

Emergency Medicine / Casualty:  Working 24 hrs.

Gastroenterology & Gastro Intestinal Surgery:

Digestive Disease Clinic
With State-of- the – art equipments& accessories among the best available in global market          

Laboratory Medicine

Clinical Pathology


All kind of Dermatological
disorders management.


Audiology Lab
Vertigo management

Intensive Care Unit:(for Neuro, Gastro, General Medicine, Cardiology, Neonatology, Paediatrics, Post Operative ICU)


Bicarbonate Haemodialysis
Charcoal Haemoperfusion
Ultrasound guided Kidney Biopsy
Snake Bite Management


Nerve conduction study

Spine &Neuro Surgery

Key hole surgeries for
Neuro Critical Care Unit
Congenital Disorders of Spine & Brain


Chemotherapy Unit
Palliative Care Pain Management


Minor & Major Surgical Procedures
Oral ,Maxillofacial& Cosmetic Surgery


Continuous Electronic Foetal Monitoring
Management of High Risk Pregnancy
Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
Other Gynaec Laparoscopic Surgeries


C-arm facility
Quality imported implants for all surgeries
Best quality joint replacement surgeries
Chronic hip & knee problem

Service from supporting departments like:

Neuro Surgery


Small incision Cataract Surgery
Management of Occular Trauma
Advanced biomicroscopic examination of external & internal eye
Contact lens fitting
Glaucoma Surgery
Lacrimal Surgery
Laser treatment facility

Paediatric Surgery

Congenital Disorders
Surgery for Neoplasms
Neonatal Surgery


Modality treatment & Manual techniques for pain
Muscle strengthening
Range of motion
Cardio Respiratory Physical Management


Paediatric ICU
Paediatric Ventilation
Vaccination services


Round the clock pharmacy services
Drugs of high quality.

CSSD: (CentralSterilization Supply Department)

Plastic Surgery:

Cosmetic Surgery & Reconstructive Surgery.

CT Scan Imaging
Ultra Sound Examination
Colour Doppler Study

Psychiatric Medicine:

Counseling & Treatment offered for:
Anxiety, Fear, Depression, Suicidal tendencies
Drug & Alcohol Dependence
Behavioural problems


Laparoscopic Urology


General Medicine
Post-Operative ICU)