Historical Milestones

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Milestones in the History of the Diocese of Quilon

AD  52        St. Thomas, the  Apostle established the church in Quilon  (Kollam)

AD 343       Migration of Christians from Persia to Quilon (Kollam)

AD  823      Mar Sapor &  Mar Prot, bishops from Persia , minister in Quilon  (Kollam)

AD 825       Establishment of  “ThareesaPalli

AD 849      Christians of Quilon  (Kollam) bestowed with special privileges by “Ayyanadikal”, the King of Quilon (Kollam)

AD 1291      Visit of   John De Monte Corvino

AD 1292     Visit of   Marco Polo

AD 1300     Arrival of Franciscan & Dominican Missionaries

AD 1329     Jordanus Catalani  De Severac ministers in Quilon (Kollam)

AD 1329     Quilon  (Kollam)  erected as  suffragan  Diocese of Sultania by Pope John XXII

AD 1329     QUILON (Kollam ) , the First Diocese  in India , August  9th , 1329  Jordanus Catalani appointed as the  First Bishop  of Quilon  (Kollam)

AD 1336     Jordanus Catalani was  martyred at Thane , near Bombay

AD 1348     His Grace John De Marignoli, the Papal Legate,  ministers in Quilon  (Kollam ) for  16 months

AD 1503     Portuguese Missionaries arrive  in Quilon  (Kollam )

AD 1509     St. Thomas  Fort built in  Tangasseri

AD 1523     Mar Abuna Jacob  introduces  his faithful to  Portuguese  Emperor  as  Quilon   (Kollam)  Christians.        

AD 1533     Quilon  (Kollam ) is  part of  the  Diocese of Goa.

AD 1544     St. Francis Xavier ministers  in  Quilon  (Kollam ) coast.

AD 1549     St. Francis Xavier ministers  in  Quilon  (Kollam ) coast. Establishment of San Salvador College in Tangasseri.

AD 1557     Quilon  (Kollam )  is part of Cochin, a suffragan Diocese of Goa

AD 1576     Printing press set up at Tangasseri“Doctrina  Christina en Lingua  Malabar Tamil” the  first Indian language book printed.

AD 1614     Infant Jesus Church built

AD 1653     Great  Schism in Kerala;  Christians of  Quilon  (Kollam)  remain loyal to the Holy  See.

AD 1661     Dutch take over Quilon  (Kollam) from Portuguese ; destruction of churches in Tangasseri

AD 1808     Persecution of Christians in Quilon (Kollam)

AD 1838     Establishment of Malabar Vicariate – Verapoly  - Quilon  (Kollam) placed  under the Vicariate

AD 1845     Restoration of Quilon  (Kollam ) Vicariate

AD 1886     Quilon (Kollam)  re-erected  as an  Episcopal See and as suffragan to Verapoly

AD 1930     Erection of   Kottar   Diocese  from   Quilon (Kollam) Reunion of Jacobite Christians and  first Holy Mass in SyroMalankara Rite (Celebrated in  Bishop’s House  Chapel )

AD 1937     Most Rev. Jerome M. Fernandez,  the first  indigenous Bishop  of Quilon  (Kollam).

AD 1937     Erection of Trivandrum Diocese from Quilon  (Kollam)

AD 1986     Erection of Punalur Diocese from Quilon

AD 1995     Promulgation of Pastoral Guidelines

AD 2000    Great Jubilee Year

AD 2000    Most Rev. Dr. Joseph  G. Fernandez, Bishop  of Quilon, laid the foundation stone for the New cathedral Church

AD 2003    Live –in together of the Presbyterium to evaluate the present pastoral policies & strategies, to examine the challenges before the church in our times & to explore new expressions of faith.

AD 2005    Blessing of New Cathedral Church by Most Rev. Dr. Stanley Roman , Bishop of Quilon

AD 2010           Vision 2020  begins